The Geese

The geese, well, they represent a variety of things. Most notably, they are personas taken on by old media in the world of new media.

A taxonomy:

Buster is all hysterics and show. The sky is falling and no one is listening. Of course, Buster is hard to listen to, since his voice is so shrill.

Lefty, Sarge, and the Duke are old-school. By his attitude, it's hard to tell if Lefty is alert or confused. Sarge, too. And the Duke? Don't ask. At least they travel in the safety of a familiar group.

The Twins are ready for anything. Problem is, they don't really know what to do. If the Next Big Thing fell in their laps, they'd make millions. If they only knew what to do next.

Sofia is the queen of the lake. Smoothly floating, she moves forward with confidence. All the work is done below the surface of the water, of course.

Larry is oblivious. And likes it that way. Please don't disturb Larry. He'll live a full life eating water bugs. Don't try to change Larry. He may look placid, but he's fiercely territorial. He's hiding from Buster, btw.

Buttercup and Dixie are moving towards a goal only they can see. It might, in fact, be the best goal for the flock. But no one pays much attention to them.

It may be that the problem is that other flocks (I know, gaggles) on the lake are just smarter, stronger and better fed than these guys.

But that doesn't mean we should abandon them, does it?

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