Knight Drupal Initiative -- September review meeting tomorrow

Posted on September 10, 2008 by agentrickard

KDI logo

After a week of delay due to DrupalCON related travel, it is time for our monthly open review meeting.

We will meet for the next round of proposal reviews on Thursday, September 11th at 14:00 Eastern (US) (18:00 UTC).

The meeting will be held in IRC #drupal-dojo on (See for information about using IRC.)

We will meet for 1:30 with the following agenda:

1) Review current proposals that need decisions:

-- NewsCloud newsroom module is being reviewed for the second time and should be accepted or rejected at this meeting.

Participants are asked to review this proposal before the meeting.

The project sponsors are welcome to answer questions during this review. The possible outcomes of these reviews are:

* Submit the proposal to Knight for possible funding.
* Reject the proposal, with reasons why.
* Ask the proposal to be revised for the next round of review.

2) Introduce the new proposals for review:

-- Expanding Context_UI, Spaces, Messaging and Notifications, FeedAPI and Maps and Open Sourcing 8trees and Managing News is a new application that needs review and consensus on how to move forward. The application has met the acceptance criteria, but there are outstanding issues regarding the format and scope of the application. See the discussion of the proposal for details.

-- drupaleo - talent growing and hiring for drupal is a new proposal for review.
-- Grant-Making System is a new proposal for review.
-- Documentation sprints for better docs and to grow the team is a new proposal for review.

The purpose here is to get eyes on the new proposal, and let the submitter answer questions.

3) Time permitting, work on publicizing the efforts of the KDI.

BBEdit 9: Customer service and developer love

Posted on September 9, 2008 by agentrickard

There is an ongoing debate (in my office at least) about the value of BBEdit instead of a true IDE. I tried Zend, but could never make it show invisibles or line breaks, which drove me crazy.

Well, the BBEdit folks get high marks on two points. One, this email I received yesterday:

Thank you for your previous purchase of BBEdit 8.5. We are happy to inform you that you are eligible for a free upgrade to BBEdit 9.0, a major upgrade with over a hundred new features and enhancements.
You are receiving this message because you purchased BBEdit 8.5 on or after January 1, 2008.

So, first, big props to customer retention and happiness.

Second, IDE-style features are here. Witness PHP function auto-completes:


Now to make it recognize the Drupal API.

New floor

Posted on September 8, 2008 by agentrickard

The installers came this morning to start putting in the new floor. One problem -- two high ridges in the slab meant that they had to spend most of the day applying concrete patch and waiting for it to dry.




But now we have the line board laid, waiting for it to harden, so the rest of the installation can move forward. Expect big progress tomorrow...

Drupal people (photo set 2)

Posted on September 2, 2008 by agentrickard

So here is the second batch of photos from Saturday in Szeged.

Nik LePage, too cool to pose.

Bonnie Bogle of Development Seed

Eric Gundersen of Development Seed

Andrew Morton (drewish) and Jakob Petsovits (jpetso)

Adam Kalsey of WorkHabit (correctly captioned this time)

Alex Barth of Development Seed

Barry Jaspan of Acquia

Leslie Hawthorn of Google (Summer of Code)

Drupal people (photo set 1)

Posted on September 1, 2008 by agentrickard

I took a fair number of photos on Saturday, and will post them in groups. Here's the first batch -- in order of time taken, not favoritism.

Nat and Kris (catch and EclipseGC)

Christina Szrama (Mrs. Ubercart)

Adam Kalsey from WorkHabit, pretending to be annoyed.

Dave Cohen

Laura, Heather and Ju, charter Drupalgangers.

Sam Boyer of Palantir and parts unknown

George DeMet and Tiffany Farriss, founders of

Prodosh and Dave

Doug Green of CivicActions

Stella Power

Gerhard (killes)

That's enough bandwidth for now. More to come.

DrupalCON video

Posted on September 1, 2008 by agentrickard

One of the amazing feats of DrupalCON Szeged is that now, less than 48 hours after the conference, the presentation videos are all online.

I did two presentations this time, so if you want to see them, here are the links:

-- Using Node Access (with Moshe Weitzman)
-- The Knight Drupal Initiative (with Dave Cohen)


Drupal is made of people

Posted on September 1, 2008 by agentrickard

And I mean that in a good way.

I am sitting in a hotel room in Budapest, recovering a bit from a long week at DrupalCON Szeged. For me, he highlights of DrupalCON are always the chance to meet people that I only know by handle and reputation. Sure, I attend a few sessions (two per day, usually), but I spend more time doing things like having impromptu meetings with Swedish newspaper programming teams (see below).

I have a whole bunch of photos from the last day of DrupalCON, below are a few highlights.

The Dom
The Dom, the most famous building in Szeged.

Hungary is history-rich. This is a detail from World War I memorial carvings on a gate near the venue.

The venue at Szeged; I thought this was the best venue yet, and it had the best wireless I have ever used at any conference.

The team from Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri, who, I think, tried to find me all week for a chat about Drupal, which we finally had on Saturday.

The Drupal crowd during lunch. Notice all the conversation groups.

The King of Denmark, showing "Sex, Drupal and Rock and Roll."

Alex Barth (Development Seed) and I make fun of each other for taking pictures.

Gabor (standing) and Kristof at the closing, where Kristof is playing the "Drupal Song" on a traditional Hungarian instrument. hats off to both for an excellent conference.

My wife, on the right, with Paula and baby Johan. We met Paula and husband Phillipp at DrupalCON Barcelona, when she was pregnant. The best part of Szeged was reconnecting with the friends we had made last year. The non-attending partners even started a Drupal group to coordinate events for future DrupalCONs.


Posted on August 26, 2008 by agentrickard

Yes, we are actually in Hungary. Here's a photo from the top of Buda Castle to "prove" it.



Posted on August 20, 2008 by agentrickard

So we're getting there on the house repairs. Some quick pix to show (among other things) the new wall color that replaces the old walnut paneling in the den and the rebuilt corner of the house.



PBS Engage

Posted on August 11, 2008 by agentrickard

I won't flood Drupal planet with cross posts, so this is just a pointer to my note about PBS Engage, and the details of my joining the Social Media Advisory Board.

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