Google goes highly open

28 November 2007

Now this is a very cool idea. Dries has the details of Google's Highly Open Participation Contest for high school students. In short, it provides incentives for students to help out on open source projects.

New Lows?

14 July 2007

Two signs of the coming net apocalypse today.


5 July 2007

How many people does it take to start a movement? I guess we'll find out.

Banned in China?

12 March 2007

Monique Van Dusseldorp posting on the Poynter Institute website writes about the Great Firewall of China project.

Digital Edge Awards

29 January 2007

One of the annual newspaper industry conclaves is going on in Las Vegas this week. At the NEwspaper Association of America's marketing conference, Connections, they hand out NAA's Digital Edge Awards each year.


17 July 2006

Ruby Baboon

OS Con in Portland

13 July 2006

As of yesterday, I'm off to O'Reilly Open Source Convention held in Portland, OR this July 24-28.

Back to the newspaper biz

5 July 2006

I've been writing almost exclusively about Drupal (working on it, too). But I'm coming up for some air. So here are some notes about newspapers and the web.


30 June 2006


Tech Notes

4 June 2006

New.SavannahNow.com is running on a modified version of Drupal 4.6.8 (as of this writing.) We started on 4.6.5 and have applied three security upgrades, the freetagging patch, and a number of custom tweaks to make the system perform as we want.

Almost Done

26 May 2006

The neverending project is close to ending...

NV: 7 competencies of online interaction

11 February 2006

Nacny White's list:

Northern Voice

10 February 2006

I am now doing an ad hoc session at Northern Voice on 'Big Media Strkies Back: BlufftonToday and the Future of Print'

Ning, part two

12 October 2005

So I have a developer account on Ning now. It's very cool.


6 October 2005

Wow. The always-on Russell Beattie talks up NING, a new online web app service.

A reversal of fortunes

3 October 2005

Rob Runet pointed his readers to the Wave, a weekly newspaper in Rockaway, NY, which offers free archives, but restricts access to new content to site subscribers.

More on the Onion

13 September 2005

Designer Khoi Vihn has some great notes about the design method applied to the new Onion site.

Right Tool for the Right Job

13 September 2005

Reading that last post while writing in WordPress, I realized that my love for Drupal might sound odd.

Feeling Smart Today

13 September 2005

Back in 2004, I was given the task of poking around the open source movement to look at software. Specifically, I was looking for tools that would allow for the rapid development of new ideas.