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DrupalCON Portland

Posted on May 17, 2013 by agentrickard

On Monday, I will fly out for DrupalCON Portland. This will be my 14th (!) DrupalCON, dating back to 2006.

There was some question whether I would attend. For the record, Morten was wrong: I will be there.

For more information about why the questions, feel free to read the eulogy I just wrote for my father.

I will mostly be spending my time at the Palantir booth, and I am looking forward to spending time with some dear friends and colleagues. I am perhaps most looking forward to the benefit event for Aaron Winborn on Monday evening.

For more information about Palantir activities, see our blog post about our events and sessions.

See everyone soon.

DrupalCon Munich: Plans and Goals

Posted on August 17, 2012 by agentrickard

I'm packing up to get on a plane for Munich -- for the second time in the last year, in fact. Really anticipating a great week. Munich is a great city, and Drupal events are full of great people.

Before I leave, I thought I'd note some of my personal and professional goals for the week. Merit badges may be awarded for folks who help me hit these goals.

Professional goals


We're having a planning day, finding ways to increase the awesome. I can't reveal too many details, but I can tell you to watch our Team page for new job postings.


Meeting with the fantastic Nicole Lind and doing a walkthrough of our session Migrating to Drupal: Who? What? Why? and How?. After that, I'll be looking for sprints and other events to kickoff the week.


Busy day for me. Starting with Environment America: Running 60 affiliates on Drupal at 14:15 (in the Barcelona room -- ironically, this is similar to a presentation I did at DrupalCon Barcelona.

Later in the day, we're having a Future of Node/Entity Access BoF to work our details of how access controls should change for Drupal 8 and beyond.


Migrating to Drupal: Who? What? Why? and How? is at 10:45 in the Atlanta room. This talk combines the perspectives of a veteran project manager (Nicole Lind from Phase2) with a Drupal developer (and core contributor). It's a non-technical talk about aligning your team to get your move to Drupal done right.


Hey! It's my last night in Munich and I have no obligations! Looking forward to the Fabien Potencier keynote and my roommate (for the week) Larry Garfield's Multi-headed Drupal talk, which is a more technical look at some of the topics from my Environment American session.

Personal goals

While there's a lot of work to be done in the conference proper, I also want to set aside some time to tackle a few personal goals.

  • Churn out a stable release of Domain Access 7.x-3.5. Quite a few fixes and some nice new features.
  • Meet at least 2 dozen new people. I've been to 12 DrupalCons. (That's right, Munich is lucky #13 for me.) That means I know a lot of people in the community, which can make it easy to hang out with the same crowd all the time. So if you see me, introduce yourself, and I'll introduce you to some folks you may not know. (Bonus points for me: if I can remember all 2 dozen names on Friday.)
  • Get a little local knowledge help in planning a vacation to Switzerland. My wife and I are planning an 8-10 day trip, flying into Zurich and out of Geneva. We're hoping to take the train and not rent a car. Where should we go? What must we do?
  • Participate in the Bavarian national pastime: sitting under a chestnut tree on a sunny day, having a beer and visiting with friends.

Sounds like fun to me. See everyone soon.

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