Bored? Grab a new name for yourself!

10 December 2009

I was at DrupalCamp Stockholm, having a great time with our hosts and the other international guests. But there was tension in the air. The chairs of the DrupalCon 2010 bids from Berlin and Copenhagen were both present, and things started to get a little heated. To break the tension, we started talking about DrupalCON San Francisco instead.

Specifically, we talked about the, um, colorful history of SF and its residents. Talk quickly turned silly. was renamed "Rainbow Starshine." Peace was restored. And an idea was born: What if we could automatically generate "hippie" names for users when they register for the conference?

Well, we were a little late, but the Rainbow name generator is now live on my site. Maybe it will make it onto the conference site. In the meantime, you can use it to create your own special name.

Try the name generator yourself

If you go to parts of the DrupalCON SF site, you will see that some folks have already started using the tool. Some of us think we should all have such names printed on our official conference badges.

On a technical note, the module was written initially in Drupal 7 (my second D7 module) and then backported to D6 when the folks at my office wanted to play with it.

The last touch was the addition of some special effects to the final product.