Site Upgrade

29 November 2009

At long last, I have gotten around to upgrading the site. I moved from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. And at the same time, I consolidated my old WordPress 2.8.x blog into the Drupal 6 architecture.

Two tools make this possible. One, the pretty nifty WordPress import module for Drupal. (A hat-tip, as well, to WP's nice XML export feature). The second, of course, is Domain Access, which allows multiple subdomains to run from a single Drupal installation.

With Domain Access in place, I can branch out a bit, and separate different parts of the site (and my life) to different audiences. So, for instance, the main blog is still Second Goose, where I post work-related material. On the main site,, will be the best from all sites, and maybe some family stuff (mostly dog photos, probably). For fun, there is \m/ where I will talk about heavy metal and albums I like. And I set up to host API documentation for various modules that I maintain.

There may be a little dust flying around for a few days while things get settled. Hopefully there aren't too many broken links on the site. I also have to get ImageCache and its family of modules running later.