DrupalCON Wrapup

10 March 2008

Well, that week just flew by. This is the most time I've spent in front of my computer all week.

Aside from the three panels I participated in, I spent most of the week out in the hallway, trying to connect people. I spent most of the week asking WWBMD -- What Would Boris Mann Do? Boris would introduce people to each other; so I did.

I also went to a hockey game on Thursday night -- absolute disaster, that, Toronto 8, Bruins 2. After the game, I went up to one of the Drupalers and apologized. Andre said, "What do mean? I'm from Toronto; that was a great game!"

The sessions all went very well, especially the Knight Foundation Q&A and the following BoF discussion. There is some more work to do here, and I'll talk about that in a separate post.

Big thanks to the following folks for hospitality, logistics, and generally making it a great week: Kieran Lal, Jeff Whatcott, Robert Douglas and Jay Batson from Acquia; Gary, Jose, Al, and Robertson from the Knight Foundation; Leslie Hawthorne -- the source of all good Summer of Code things; Moshe, Jamie and the rest of the local volunteers; Matt Cheney and Neil Drumm; Tobby, Jonathan and Nik (MDW); Morten, the King of Denmark; D Mak; Christefano and Lee; Cary and the rest of the hockey posse; the Lucky's Lounge mob; Mike Meyers; Eric Gunderson, Alex Barth and the absent Bonnie Bogle from Development Seed; Pierre from the World Bank (I don't hate the bank); Lisa Williams and Ben Melançon; and, of course, the all-powerful Sooz.

There are many more names that should be on this list. Including Bob, for approving the whole trip.