DrupalCON Wrapup

Posted on March 10, 2008 by agentrickard

Well, that week just flew by. This is the most time I've spent in front of my computer all week.

Aside from the three panels I participated in, I spent most of the week out in the hallway, trying to connect people. I spent most of the week asking WWBMD -- What Would Boris Mann Do? Boris would introduce people to each other; so I did.

I also went to a hockey game on Thursday night -- absolute disaster, that, Toronto 8, Bruins 2. After the game, I went up to one of the Drupalers and apologized. Andre said, "What do mean? I'm from Toronto; that was a great game!"

The sessions all went very well, especially the Knight Foundation Q&A and the following BoF discussion. There is some more work to do here, and I'll talk about that in a separate post.

Big thanks to the following folks for hospitality, logistics, and generally making it a great week: Kieran Lal, Jeff Whatcott, Robert Douglas and Jay Batson from Acquia; Gary, Jose, Al, and Robertson from the Knight Foundation; Leslie Hawthorne -- the source of all good Summer of Code things; Moshe, Jamie and the rest of the local volunteers; Matt Cheney and Neil Drumm; Tobby, Jonathan and Nik (MDW); Morten, the King of Denmark; D Mak; Christefano and Lee; Cary and the rest of the hockey posse; the Lucky's Lounge mob; Mike Meyers; Eric Gunderson, Alex Barth and the absent Bonnie Bogle from Development Seed; Pierre from the World Bank (I don't hate the bank); Lisa Williams and Ben Melançon; and, of course, the all-powerful Sooz.

There are many more names that should be on this list. Including Bob, for approving the whole trip.

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